Hope for Claire and Families Affected by  AARS2 Leukodystrophy

Claire was diagnosed with AARS2 Leukodystrophy in 2019. AARS2 is a rare genetic disorder that affects the development of the brain and nervous system, causing damage to nerve cells in the cerebellum (the part of the brain responsible for balance).

AARS2 is a progressive disease that gets worse over time. It starts with mild symptoms such as clumsiness or poor coordination, but eventually leads to severe disabilities affecting all four limbs, speech and swallowing difficulties, seizures and death

Our Mission Statement:-

Cure For Claire brings strength and authority to everyone suffering with the AARS2 Leukodystrophy Gene by trying to research and generate funding for future cures and treatments 


Meet The Person Behind The Story

We believe that it is nice to put a face to the person you are supporting rather than hide behind a logo, so let me introduce you to my wife Claire who has the Ultra Rare AARS2 Leukodystrophy Gene. All the fundraising we will be doing will all be used towards researching this gene to help Claire in finding treatment(s) hopefully one day a cure and any specialised equipment Claire may require in the near future to keep her comfortable that will not be widely available on the NHS. Please feel free to watch our Official  Cure For Claire Video.


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